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Unboxing Lume Cube

Blog / No Comment / September 20, 2016

I am super excited to of finally received a cube! I mentioned before how I teamed up with Lume Cube  to text one of their cubes out. As of right now, this is just an unboxing video. Honestly, it’s a really silly unboxing video. I have to keep it light *wink* for this video because I will be going into more detail about it. I’ll be showing everyone a few set ups and what I am going to do with Lume Cube.

I’ve actually already tested it underwater. Sadly, I do not have any footage of that. “Why?”, you ask. Because it was one of those photoshoots that I had to do quickly and luckily I did because the cops were called on us. No, we actually didn’t do anything illegal. The best way anyone has every described other people to me… is my fiance always says, “You do things that people don’t understand and it makes them uncomfortable.”

With that said, I put a bed into my apartment’s pool. I made sure everything was new and sanitary along with I made sure it had squishy protecting on the bottom to not damage any of the pool. Considering it was a concrete pool and not a lined one… I OVER protected the bed – haha. A neighbor called the cops saying they were “concerned” I would scratch the bottom of the pool. Anyways, I’m currently in the process of editing that image but it’s so fun!

Here you guys go! The silly sally unboxing video! ENJOY!


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