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Homeless Soul

A Decade of Healing: A Collection of Memories

Homeless Soul is a 226 page photo art book with a 30 page partial memoir aspect to it. I’ve created art my entire life as a way of coping with various experiences. Woven between 150 fine art story-telling images, I speak on a few difficult topics I’ve dealt with over the last decade in my life and learning to heal and move on from these obstacles. I’ve scrapped this book more times than I should have but I wanted to make sure I told my story and left as much drama out as possible. I know people love drama and maybe I’ll create a more in-depth book in the future, but this has helped me finish healing a few lingering wounds.

I hope you’re able to find yourself within the pages and know that making mistakes is a huge part within the process of learning and growing. Healing is never easy or pretty but I want others to feel less alone in this journey to peace because I didn’t get that help. If you don’t connect with any of my words, I hope you’re able to enjoy the art and create your own meaning within them. Connecting is my biggest goal and I am always available and open for those connections.