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Conceptual Speed Edit for Calls and Echoes

Image Title:"Calls and Echoes"

Conceptual Speed Edit for Calls and Echoes

I’m very excited to start this new series. I was so happy about my other image “Wastelands” that I decided to do a series of images like it. Something about a foggy desolate area really speaks to me. I decided to add Conceptual Speed Edit for Calls and Echoes to the list!

For some reason I love the feeling of loneliness in the images. Like a peak into someone’s life. Set up, but not at the same time. I love the feeling of sadness and beauty all in one image. Fog makes me feel sad, alone, mysterious… safe.

My model, Meggen, is absolutely wonderful. She hates everything I ask her to do but she does it anyways because she knows how important my work is to me. She does it because in some odd way… it’s fun. Trying to cram yourself through a tree that might work for a child was no easy task. In fact, it was hilariously difficult. Listening to her complain is my favorite thing about shoots with her. It makes me laugh. She calls me names, screams, yells at me, but she does it while laughing and I can’t thank her enough for being so supportive.

It’s really nice to have a special friend that will do these kinds of shoots with me. Someone who thinks it’s all crazy but does it anyways because they know the end result will be awesome. Lucky for me, she understands pretty well because she is also a photographer. She does a wide variety of portraits from newborn to weddings. I really applaud her for putting up with people like that.

While I do enjoy people, I mostly dislike being around a lot of people or dealing with their issues. I’m always here to talk to anyone when they’re down, but the ones who cause drama in their lives and do not understand why they have so much drama… I tend to keep a distance with. Lesson learned.

I really do hope everyone is enjoying these speed edits as much as I am! I love seeing what I did to an image and then thinking to myself… I could of made that a lot easier on myself. I like to play with images while editing so sometimes I end up changing things and then changing them back during the final stages of the edit.

1 Comment
  • Amanda
    Posted at 00:55h, 13 April

    Amazing to watch! You’re an amazing conceptual photographer!