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Dream Tides


My entire life I have loved the water and the ocean. I always said that when I got older I would live by the beach and I did just that. I moved to Charleston, SC at 22 and there I began my long love affair with the beach. I would go in the mornings to watch the sun rise and nights to watch the sun set. I have explored all the beached along the coast of South Carolina and have even explored the beaches of nature preserves. I find endless healing and storytelling opportunities through the beach. The sands are never the same as the last time you visited, it reminds me of being washed clean. Seeing the sky and water meet reminds me of the endless possibilities that I can achieve if I go forward with all my might. The humid air blowing across my neck, salt covering my legs, and the sounds of waves crashing bring me back to earth when I’m feeling particularly alone.


10x 10″ Editions of 18 – $800

20×20″ Editions of 12 – $1,000

30×30″ Editions of 4 – $1,400


Elegance Velvet