Facing Fears - SleepingAwakePhoto
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Facing Fears


We all have fears and demons that we must face throughout our lives. When I was a child, I felt fearless and slowly over time I became fearful of anything and everything. At one point I started to notice just how crippling these fears were and just how much I was being held back in life by allowing them to control me. I made it my personal goal to confront each fear of mine in some form or another and to photograph how I feel or what it all looks like to me. While some images are more whimsical in nature and others are very raw, I want to face my fears one by one and conquer these feelings of unsteadiness. This series is still on-going as of June, 2018. Series will be updated as each image is completed.

10x 10″ Editions of 18 – $400

20×20″ Editions of 12 – $800

30×30″ Editions of 4 – $1,200


Elegance Velvet