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Guilty Innocence


Guilty Innocence is a black and white 5 part completed short series created in 2017. It can be read from left to right, right to left, center to either side, separate sections or each image alone. I created this series with my husband during an especially trying time with my mental state. Fighting myself on whether or not I was a good wife and partner, fighting with wanting to just make myself disappear, and fighting with if I could truly give my husband everything I felt he deserved… these were the feelings that took over my entire being the first half year of our marriage. While things were actually going very well, I still fought with myself on if I had what it took to be a good companion. This series explores the feelings of light and darkness and those feelings of how I believed at the time that I was infecting him. Each image title describes the images perfectly to the point of not needing further detail. I used black and white as a contrast to the feelings I was dealing with and how very monochromatic I was feeling about everything at that point in time.


10×10″ Edition of 3 – $800

20×20″ Edition of 2 – $1,200


Elegance Velvet