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Healing Through Photography Workshop

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When: August 27th-28th 2016
Where: Pixel Studios Charleston, SC
Investment: $275+tax

Hello lovelies! I am so very excited to be doing a workshop that is so very close to my heart and soul. This workshop is all about taking photography and learning to heal from it. Going from an idea to an actual visual representation of your story, you will learn how to create from deep within in hopes of healing and moving forward with your life. Now, you don’t have to have something awful to happen to you in order for you to take my workshop. Storytelling can be used for many other ways than just how I use it. I often use it for experiences I’ve had in my life. Getting my story out there and hoping it will touch someone’s heart or even be able to connect with it and let others know they’re not alone in certain situations. I’ve found the amazing healing power of storytelling through photography and I want to be able to share it with you all.

Here is a short breakdown of the 2 day workshop. I will give more extended details later like models, possible photoshoot concepts, etc.

Day 1: 10am – 8pm
This day we will do introductions and go over the next few days in a bit more detail. We’ll go over key points for conceptualizing as well as everything needed to be prepared to go do a photoshoot. We will also go over what to look for before going into post production that way we’ll be fully prepared. We will then go out for a photoshoot and get hands on experience.

Between 1pm- 3pm we will be traveling to the photoshoot location along with food! Please, once you sign up, let me know of any food alergies to be cautious of so I can make sure we don’t reserve a place that is invested with sea food if you’re allergic.

Day 2: 10am- 5pm
Day two will be all about editing your images. I’ll teach you some basic compositing along with some more advanced techniques. We’ll be going over color toning your images, perspective, lighting, etc. in order to make your image come to life and full express the mood of the story being told.

So, if you’re ready to come on a journey with me then please purchase your ticket below!
There is a lovely hotel not too far from the studio called¬†Town & Country Inn and Suites in West Ashley, Charleston SC. It’s right in front of Ruby Tuesday on HWY 17. There are no group deals for this so feel free to search the areas and find a suitable hotel for yourself if this hotel will not fit.



Please note: At any time I am allowed to refuse your attendance at the workshop. This generally does not happen but if there is any foul play, discrimination, rude e-mails, etc. I will remove you from the workshop. Once a ticket is purchased it CAN NOT be refunded, but it can be transferred to someone else for them to attend the workshop. This workshop is limited to 15 people.