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I know sometimes workshops can scare people considering the amount of people or lack of personal attention that can be given during. With that said, I now offer 1-on-1 in person or via internet mentoring sessions.

During these sessions, you have the chance to ask any question that best suits you. You’ll get the special attention needed to learn techniques without the stress of possibly not being able to keep up during a workshop. I know from first hand experience that sometimes things need to be slowed down and explained a few times over, or even go into extra detail to understand. I want to be able to offer this to everyone so that you all get the chance to learn something new that will hopefully contribute to your success. Before the session, I will do a small evaluation to determine your skill level and the direction you’re wanting to go with your photography.

You can purchase sessions starting at 1 hour up to 3 hours. After the session, you will be allowed to have 1 followup review (no charge and expires 2 weeks after session) to go over any work you’ve done afterwards and to ask any follow up questions (up to 30 minutes). I understand sometimes during sessions you may of forgot a question and I’m always willing to help answer those questions.


1hr – $100
2hr- $175
3hr- $225

If you purchase 2 or 3 hour sessions, we will do it all in one day. No splitting up hours into days, so make sure you set enough time aside for your session. After 3 hours are up, if you’re still needing more guidance, you may purchase extra hours for $50 each. Extra hours must be paid for during the session before we go any further or planned in advance that you need more than 3 hours. A reschedule for another day will need to happen if I am booked after your initial time.

You may reschedule 24 hours before the start of your session. You will not be refunded for a cancel. I have all rights to cancel any session if there is any foul play happening. Examples would be: threatening e-mails, slander, etc. You will not be refunded if this occurs.