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Openly Open

Openly Open

After my blog that I posted yesterday, Breaking Point, one of my close friends messaged me and in that message she reminded me of just how different we are. I’ve always been very open online. I have no problem letting people know my thoughts and emotions. On the other hand, my friend is very closed off to this and I never really understood why.

She said, “When you do this[post openly], you willingly give people to say what they want about you. You’re putting the information out there. It’s the internet, it’s free speech all over the place. People can say whatever they want because there’s not much you can do about it. Taking that right away from people, by simply not giving them ammunition, is smart.” This is all in reference to me deactivating my Facebook account.

Parts of this I feel is very true in a way. By being open, you are in fact giving information that evil people can try to use against you. It’s never worked on me, though. I’m not ashamed of my past or the growth I have experienced. I’ve said many crappy things in the past and I’m sure I’ve even written about it on my blog. The beautiful thing about growth is that you learn and move on from that. When people call out toxic behavior, it’s easy to change.

The person I am right now may not be the person I am tomorrow. I 100% believe people can change their minds quickly. That’s not being wishy washy as much as it’s gathering information and forming an opinion on the matter. Sometimes things that seem one way may not be and learning more about the subject can help reform that former belief.

I can see from her point of view on protecting your thoughts so that people can’t use it against you. I’ve definitely experienced people trying to make me sound like a bad person when I’m not. From my perspective, if I tell people openly who I am, what I think, and what I feel, I leave no room for them to make shit up. I leave absolutely no room for people to spread roomers and lies.

I’d rather people destroy me for the truth than destroy me for lies. If I’m a good person, and we know this to be true, then there is nothing they can do to hurt me. It’s all out there. My growth and everything. I say this over and over again that I’m not a perfect person and I sincerely believe that. I think we all sometimes have too high standards for what other people are supposed to be like, but we don’t look at ourselves and be the person we think others should be.

I think I’ll continue to be open. It has caused me more happiness to get the thoughts off my mind than to keep them all bottled up inside. I like this about me. I like being true to myself and I don’t think I’ll ever change that all over some internet bullies who really should be focusing on themselves. It’s not stopped me before so it shouldn’t stop me now.

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