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Our Wedding

Hey guys! Below will be some important links for the wedding. Let us know if there is anything else you’d need!

Our Story

This story is strictly from my side but from what I know Esteban’s side isn’t far off. Esteban and myself met each other downtown Greenville, in July of 2011, in front of Sticky Fingers. During the time, I was hanging out with an old mutual acquaintance. We started talking about little random things like his new apartment and how he left home at an early age. I couldn’t help but completely ignore most of his words and just think of how adorable he was. I’m someone who sees a persons smile first and he had the most endearing and warm smile I’ve met in a really long time.

We all went into Sticky Fingers and ate. I was super shy because I was around a lot of people I didn’t know and I wasn’t even expecting them in the first place. When you think you’re hanging with one person and then they don’t even ask you about inviting other people, it can be a bit nerve wrecking for someone who deals with anxiety. No less, Esteban tried to start some sort of conversation with me. After we ate, it was time to part ways. The person I went downtown to hang out with decided to go over to Esteban’s house and bring her friends too, except for me. So, I told them bye and I was going to walk to my car.

Esteban asked where I parked and I told him it was only a few stores down. I lied, it was on the complete opposite side of the area. He was so sweet and told me to hop in and he’d drive me there. This was my first memory of him. He was so kind and genuine and I didn’t even know him. During this time, we both were in really horrible relationships so I never proceeded to keep communication.

Halloween 2011, our paths crossed again. Downtown at Spill the Beans. I was dressed as an American Horror Story character and he was dressed as Phantom of the Opera. I can’t remember talking to him much then but this was a few days after I broke up with my abusive boyfriend. Turns out, Esteban and his girlfriend broke up as well. I didn’t make connection until December 2011. I decided after my ex that I would take time to talk to different guys and see what I truly liked in a guy. I’ve always had such serious and long term relationships that I never took the time I understand what I wanted out of a partner.

We talked off and on for a bit through December and January. I started dating someone at the beginning of 2012 and that only lasted about 2 months which marked the shortest I’ve ever dated someone. Minus that, Esteban sent me texts, VERY randomly, on New Years and was complaining that Justin Bieber was singing a Beatles song in Time Square. I laughed and told him he was random and I pretty much left it at that. A few months later, my immature good for nothing boyfriend dumped me. I say those words not out of being a salty person kicked to the side, but saying it because it’s the truth. Either way I was still upset over it even though I knew the truth and what the future would of held.

I started talking to Esteban again and he randomly invited me out to go sing dancing. After denying him many of times I finally said yes. I’m so glad I did because we danced so fluid together and it was always so much fun being around him. We started going dancing every Tuesday night. Eventually it turned into my coming over to his house, meeting his friends, etc. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been welcomed as much as I was by everyone he knew.

The following months happened so fast but I remember all the trials we went through but most importantly all the healing we did as well. We’re not a perfect couple by any means. In the beginning we fought a good bit. I had a lot of trust issues because of cheating ex boyfriends and he didn’t understand how to deal with my sleeping issues, depression, etc. Unlike people I’ve met in the past, he tried. I gave him time to heal over his ex and things with his dad… and he took the time to understand my emotions and the extremes I deal with mentally.

May 5th we decided to start dating. We made it official. However, he moved to Charleston 7 months later leaving me behind. No, we didn’t break up… but I didn’t go with him. We had so many people tell us we wouldn’t make it, that Esteban or myself would cheat, etc. That was far from the truth. We dated long distance for 8 months and then I moved to Charleston to be with him. We both learned and grew more as people than we could of ever imagined.

We became very close to each other. We had to help when one car broke down, when we couldn’t pay for something, when Esteban was mugged, etc. We worked through all of it. It wasn’t easy… we had a lot of hard times and we still fought over silly petty things. I think when we finally got our own place away from a roommate… that’s when we stopped fighting. We didn’t realized just how much stress someone else could put on your relationship until the stress was gone and we were left together. That entire year alone together was amazing. Yeah, we worked entirely too much because we couldn’t afford the place we lived in… but we had each other and worked together and had 2 happy puppers to come home to.

People always ask us if we fight and the answer is no. Maybe some bickering here and there but we haven’t fought in 2 years… we can’t stay mad at each other. We’ve learned all the silly things to make the other person laugh, we learned how to cheer the other person up, and we learned that there is no point in fighting and that we’er perfect for each other in so many ways.

So, I know you’re all wondering how he “popped the question”. Esteban had the ring for about 4 months before he asked me and even then it was an “accident”. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was packing some things up to gov visit family and to go visit my high school. I tried a dress on and asked him if it looked good or not. I walked into our guest bedroom and I didn’t see anything at all but he immediately threw something at the bookshelf.

I know him, when he gets super jumpy… he is doing something sneaky. I glare at him and notice he was meddling around my important documents (birth certificate, social, etc). I looked back at him and asked if he was trying to sell me. We laughed and I went back into our room. I immediately took the dress off and threw it in the bag and turned around and there he was.

Let me set the scene for you. It was an apartment bedroom with bright daylight bulbs and only a queen sized bed in the room. There are clothes all over the bed from packing and there I am. I am standing with one sock on, one sock half off, in my granny panties, sick with snot running out my nose, my hair in a knot, and my eyes watery and puffy. I was beyond sick. Esteban walks in and he’s shaking. He starts to talk and I can’t even remember what he said… it was partially due to the fact that my ear were clogged and me saying, “Stop kidding around!”. He proposed, with his hands and voice shaking… like I wouldn’t say yes or something. I laughed and said, “Stop it, yes.” February 4th, 2016. Conveniently also The Sims 16th birthday. If you know me, you know how proud I am of that – haha!

So, there it is… many stories missing of course but ask us anything! 🙂

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