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Portfolio Reviews

When I first started doing photography I found myself wanting to get seasoned professional’s opinions about my work and where I could improve. Usually I would get brushed off or a very short statement about my work that generally did not help. I want to offer everyone the chance to get real and honest feedback about their work. I want you to be able to grow as an artist and flourish your dreams whether it be for business or just for a personal reason.

Dream a Little Longer

Investing in this portfolio review will give you a detailed report about your work, which will include the following:

☾ Your portfolio as a whole
☾ Each image presented in your portfolio
☾ If your concepts come across properly to the viewer
☾ Color toning and use of color in the work (does not apply for all black and white portfolios)
☾ Contrast and the proper usage of contrast
☾ Technique –  this varies based on the type of work you do
☾ Ways to improve your portfolio to make it stronger, cohesive, comprehensive, etc.

Each portfolio review must include 15-20 photos. If you’re not wanting to do a review over a series of images but maybe a review on individual images, then you may choose 15-20 images of your choice to do this with.

Investment: $50.00