Hollow Being - SleepingAwakePhoto
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Hollow Being

  • Image Title: "Self-Destruction"
  • Image Title: "Duality"
  • Image Title: "Weary"
  • Image Title: "A Silent Promise"
  • Image Title: "Gentle Reminders"
Sizes Available

10x10" Editions of 10 - $600 | 16x16" Editions of 5 - $1,200

Paper Type

Rag Photographique

Art, Photography
About This Project

Hollow Being is an ongoing (2019-present) series that focuses on the language of flowers and how beautiful floral can have separate deeper and darker meanings. I take each of these flowers, break down their meanings, and relate them to experiences such as depression, anxiety, emptiness, death, and more. I intertwine beauty and pain to create a series of images that depicts what you see on the outside is not always indicative of what’s going on inside a person.