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Print FAQs

Below are facts and the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about my artwork and prints.

-If you have not seen a print you’re interested in person, please be aware that it may be different than what you’re viewing via online. Please take into consideration the fact that not every monitor or screen is calibrated properly (not all smartphones, computers, monitors, TV, or projections are the same). Some phones and monitors may have a blue, green, or red color cast. Same goes for phones. There are settings that can change the display, so be careful and aware of these differences.

-I recommend to not view artwork on nighttime mode (the yellow changes colors and contrast of images).

-Some monitors may also be darker or lighter in nature. I don’t expect everyone to have a calibrator so just be warned in advance for possible contrast differences.

-All prints are checked by me in person, as they’re signed, and are printed as how I intended the artwork to be viewed.

-I no longer allow partial payments or discounts on any print(s).

-I will not convert and print any of my images into black and white. If the image is in color on my website, then the image is intended to be in color. If it’s in black and white, then it will be a black and white print.

-Prints are numbered as they are a part of a limited run and only so many prints of each will be made.

-Prints are dated by the year of completion.

-Prints are titled the title of the image created by the artist.

-Prints are signed by the artist.

-No other paper types will be considered so please do not ask for canvas, metal, acrylic, metallic papers, etc. All images are printed on Elegance Velvet Archival Fine Art Watercolor paper, unless it is a 12″x12″ gallery print in which those are printed on different paper types. Additional information on Gallery Prints.

-Elegance Velvet Archival Fine Art Watercolor Paper has a fine texture to the paper but nothing that is disturbing to the image.

-Prints can be scratched easily so please take caution when handling.

-Oils from hands could potentially transfer onto the print. Wearing nitrile or lint free gloves is highly suggested when handling prints.

-Moisture could damage and warp the print. When framing, using a mat to separate the glass from the print is highly suggested. A mat allows space between the print and the glass to breathe, enabling the chances of the print sticking to the glass over time and causing damage from humidity changes to be less likely.

-A certificate of authentication can be requested but is not automatically given.

If you have any additional questions that were not answered above, please contact me using the Contact Form.


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