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Special Print Information

All Images that are printed at 12″x12″ are considered gallery prints. Gallery prints are images that were accepted into group gallery exhibitions where the gallery had a size limit on their displayed images. Typically they only allow matted images up to 16″x20″ in the exhibitions. For my type of work, I prefer it to be printed at 12″x12″ to give it the maximum size possible (with room for the mat) for viewing purposes. These prints are printed on different types of paper depending on gallery and availability of resources. Some are signed and some are not, but they can be requested to be signed or a certificate of authentication sent. These prints are open edition. There may be 1 ever printed of a specific image at 12″x12″ or there may be 100. It depends on how many times this image is accepted for exhibitions and if they sell or not. These prints could be considered more rare than the limit edition prints depending on how they sell over time.

If you have any additional questions regarding this, please use my contact form to reach out.

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