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Visual Storytelling Workshop

** Registration closes July 15th
A two-part complete comprehensive guide to transform your images from concept to reality and to display your work in galleries across the world. We will go over how to conceptualize an image all the way to the completed piece. You can do both workshops or just one! All levels are welcome and even encouraged.

In this crash course, you will learn:
• How to create a story from your own noggin’
• How, when, and where to pull the appropriate amount of inspiration in research for a concept
• How to choose appropriate props, wardrobe, colors, locations, and subject matter to visually aid your story
• How to photograph your concept
• How to keep all of your files and data organized and safe
• How to edit your image including: Basic skin retouching, color toning your images, composition, and blending multiple images together to create a seamless and realistic image.

For those who are interested in learning about galleries and how to get their work into galleries, there will be workshop the following day.
This workshop can be purchased separately or together for a discount.

In the gallery workshop extension, you will learn:
• Different types of printing and what works best for your work
• How to choose proper framing
• How to mat and frame your own work
• How to price your work for both in and out of galleries
• How to find and approach galleries
• Gallery expectations and more…

Workshop Investment
$200 for 1 workshop of your choice
$300 for both workshops
• Payments may be made but workshop must be paid in full before workshop date. Payments are not refundable but can be transferred over to another student. Please contact me regarding more information. 

Additional Add-Ons
Free – E-mail follow-up support. E-mail me any time after the workshop to ask any additional questions regarding everything learned in the workshops.
$50 – In person portfolio review after workshop [Info] (must be scheduled and can be right after each workshop or on another day)
$50 – Additional 1 hour Skype call after workshop (must be scheduled in advance)

Dates & Location
Greenville, SC
July 27th, 2019 8am-6pm – Photography Workshop
July 28th, 2019 8am-4pm – Gallery Workshop

• All questions and how to purchase tickets for workshop can be e-mailed to
• 15 seats available for each
• Exact locations will be given after purchase of ticket. You will get an info packet closer to the event date.

Story-Telling Photography Workshop Itinerary

Day 1

Please eat breakfast before the workshop but some snacks and water will be provided.




Going over the day, setting the mood of the workshop, introductions, and going over lunch options.

How to create/come up with a story. This is where we begin. Taking an idea and creating it into something less abstract, the details in your work, how to fine tune your idea, gathering your supplies, finding locations, etc.

Short Break

Photographing your concept. In this part, we will relocate to do our photoshoot.


We will go back to the conference room: Organizing your files, backing up your data, finding the perfect image for the work you’re wanting.

Short Break

Editing your image: How to use layers, slight skin retouching, color grading your images, blending images together to create a cohesive realistic works.

Additional Questions and Closing Lecture

Dinner – We can eat together if you all would like or break for the night.

Gallery Workshop Itinerary

Day 2

Please eat breakfast before the workshop but some snacks and water will be provided.



Brief overview of the workshop.

Follow up questions from the day before.

Why are you wanting to get into a gallery and are you prepared to exhibit? We will go over how to tell if your work is ready for exhibiting. We’ll go into details about what makes an artist ready for exhibitions and what to expect when starting out.

We will be using this time to talk about choosing galleries, what themes your work fit into, and budgeting for exhibitions.

Short Break

Expectations from an artist and gallery, printing, choosing appropriate framing, and more budgeting for exhibiting pieces.


I will be demonstrating how to cut mats, how to mount your prints, how to install proper hanging hardware, and more.

Closing Lecture. This is when you will be dismissed but you are welcome to continue to ask questions afterwards.

4:00pm – For scheduled portfolio reviews

Portfolio Reviews are $50

Schedule is subjected to change. All seats are non refundable but can be transferred to another student. A refund is only given if the workshop is cancelled. All notes taken are up to the attendee and powerpoint/notes will not be given out at the end of the workshops.