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Wastelands Speed Edit

Image Title:"Wastelands"

Wastelands Speed Edit

I am so very excited to be uploading my very first conceptual photography speed edit: Wastelands! I have been watching speed edits for the last 10 years. These type of videos have always been my favorite. Just being able to see someone’s work from beginning to end is so amazing on so many levels. Not only am I seeing their process but I am also carried through the journey of their image.

I have been trying to do speed edits for the last few years but every program I used severely lagged my computer. I have a really great computer but it could always use an update. Recently I came in contact with an awesome program that seems to work with my computer so I was super excited. I’m so thrilled to have “Wastelands” as my first speed edit video. I hope you all enjoy the process as much as I did!

Hailey is such an amazing person. I actually met her and her mother right before I moved to Charleston. We worked on a project I had called “Artificial Intelligence”. Sadly, I got really uninterested in the series. I wasn’t directing people like I wanted and the whole idea was a lot different than it actually turned out. I have a lot of cool photos for sure, but not how I truly envisioned it.

Feeling stupidly guilty for never finishing their images, I wanted to make it up by doing awesome photos of her. I told Hailey I would be in town one weekend and she gladly sad yes to coming out on a photo adventure with me. The thing is… she said she was going to have heart surgery that Thursday. I insisted on her to not push herself but she explained that it was a simple procedure and that she should be good enough to do a simple shoot.

We met up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown Greenville, SC. Not being there for a few years gave me a new fresh perspective on things. As we walked around, I told her I wanted to shoot at certain places but didn’t really have a specific idea of a concept. Luckily, she didn’t care and just wanted to come out and have fun – and we did!

The image “Wastelands” came to life while editing. I love when I have no idea of what I want to say but the image speaks to me instead. This image actually gave me drive for a whole new series. I know I already have a ton of series going on, but I’ve always been the type of person to do everything as it comes. I can’t sit here and force a whole series out and expect it to be great quality. It might be good, but it won’t be everything I want to say.

All in all, this weekend was exactly what I needed for my work. It helped me to get out and create more work and on top of it all, gave me a lot of passion. I’m so very excited for this and I thank Hailey so much for being such a wonderful person to me and supporting my work!

  • amanialshaali
    Posted at 11:09h, 19 December

    Oh my god, Samantha. This is SO beautiful!! <3 I absolutely love it. Your coloring is just amazing.
    I hope Hailey's surgery went well and she's feeling better! 🙂

    Miss you! <3

  • sleepingawakephoto
    Posted at 00:03h, 20 December

    Thank you so very much! <3 She is feel fine. She was climbing up tree roots and everything for me! We were super careful just in case, but it was a fairly simple outpatient procedure. I miss you so much as well!

  • Brie
    Posted at 03:31h, 10 April

    That was so cool to watch!!! Gosh you seriously are an amazing Charleston conceptual photographer.