What is a Creative Investment? - SleepingAwakePhoto
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What is a Creative Investment?

A Creative Investment is a way of investing in yourself creatively – Simply put. I have set up 3 different portions to allow anyone to advance in their creative endeavors. With Workshops you get hands on experience with photographing and even editing. You always will meet other artists and be able to connect within the community. If you’re a bit more shy or just want some one-on-one time, then you can opt for Online Mentoring (in person is allowed too). With online mentoring, you’ll be able to ask more self specific questions which you might not be able to do as much during workshops. If you’re an artist that has a good portfolio but you’re maybe stuck or even want another opinion, I have the option of a portfolio review. A portfolio review will give you honest critique about your over all technique. I’ll go in depth through each image and give my personal opinions and thoughts. From my experience, it’s always been a positive one when you get feed back from other artists. Sometimes we miss things and it takes another person to point it out to us.

All in all, I want to create a relaxed and positive environment for you to grow as an artist, personally, and within the community.