Ophiuchus - SleepingAwakePhoto
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The breath of fresh air slowly filled my lungs with blackened smoke that creeped all around me.

Where am I to go? What happens when there is no where else to hide?

So afraid of losing the things I’ve cherished for so long.

Like an empty bookshelf I left nothing behind but the void of what once was.

I take all these pages and lose myself in all their words only to find a missing passage.

The passage to escape from the hole in the floor left by broken memories.

The demon chasing me won’t let go of it’s grasp.

Constantly deep in my soul and crawling through my flesh.

Do I give in and let it circum my entire being?

As I lay here in my open field with the wind blowing between each strand of hair,

I continue to fight the loneliness of another’s poor, sad soul.

Pathetic, watching it follow my every move.

I take another breath in and still suffer the pain from the magnitude of all these stars.

I take another breath in and still feel every nerve being gnawed.

I take another breath in and still experience the void.

I take another breath in…

Poem written on January 17th, 2014 by Samantha Goss