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Being Humble

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Being Humble

The more and more I come in contact with people that complain and make a fool of themselves, the more humble I become. I’m a people watcher. I sit back and observe how others treat one another and the reaction of their actions. Sometimes I see amazing chain reactions of kindness, then I’ll see a bunch of hate.

What bothers me most are hypocrites. Look, I get it, people have bad days and need to vent. Not a big deal. Negativity happens to everyone. Some people share it and some people don’t, that’s just how it is. But there are these people who will always preach love and how people need to stop bullying and help each other out, yet I always catch them saying really negative things. I myself am a pessimist… I will be the first to tell you I used to be this way and I am no longer. I used to be negative and act negatively, but I’ve changed over the years to become a better person… The person I’ve always seen myself as. I still have work, but I’m doing my best.

I can’t comprehend why someone would preach so much love yet not actually spread it? Telling the world that they need to stop bullying but then bash Christians or people who think differently than they do. You can’t want people to treat you one way and then you treat other people like trash. I understand if you’ve been hurt and your defensive. It’s hard to not be when you get a lot of bad energy in your life or you grew up in a terrible home. I 100% understand that. It’s a process that needs to be worked on constantly. I still have to practice being positive. I consider myself to be a optimistic pessimist. I’m not all that negative about things but I’m realistic about them and go through every thing and their possibilities before I do something.

Working with the public (serving, retail, photography, etc) has really showed me just how much material things do not matter. People throw fits over the tiniest of things. I sit back and look at how ridiculous they look and how they have an attitude for absolutely no reason. It’s astonishing to see someone talk to someone in such a bad manner.

Another thing is, I don’t want people to ignore their feelings though. It’s okay to be upset, you’re human, but what you get upset over and how you react is another thing. I believe everything has a reason. If someone stole your child, yes get upset… You can be angry. Yell, do whatever. If someone forgets to put mayonnaise on your sandwich, there is no reason to call a manager, leave a bad review, tell the waiter they’re shitty, and then leave no tip. That, to me, is absolutely absurd.

Some people are so afraid to show that they have any other emotion than happiness and this is unrealistic. If you don’t want people to see you cry, fine, but that doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you ugly if you’re upset for the right things. It doesn’t make you a horrible person for having feelings. It makes you human. People often forget that, especially if you’re in the spotlight. Just because you show another emotion other than happiness doesn’t make you weak.


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