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Choose the Purple Pill

Choose the Purple Pill

Choose the purple pill. BE the purple pill. There is always a 3rd option. If you have seen The Matrix then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say red pill or blue pill. This philosophy is so black and white just like everything else on the planet. You’re either this or that and everyone believes that there isn’t a third option, but there is always a third option.

I personally feel like my personality is more of a red pill. I’m very aware of this world and the terrible things in it. I constantly worry over things that I probably shouldn’t and always outweigh every option before doing something. The truth can be hard to handle and even drive a person mad. People always say “what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” Unfortunately, that is true. There have been plenty of times where my happiness was stolen because I chose to seek out the truth of the matter.

A part of me wishes I was like the blue pill people. Living in constant bliss… living with no consequences. Living comfortably. I think I’m this way with some things but not all. I’m far too curious to know and understand things to just live ignorant.

After a while, I’ve come to realize that I’m the purple pill – the third option. This pill is mixed with both the red and the blue mind formula. There are plenty of things I know way too much about and tend to worry over those things constantly, but there are also a lot of things I choose to ignore even though they may actually be hurting me.

How do I consider myself a purple pill?

Well, I personally feel like I deal with it through my photography. I’m very aware of the world but with my photography I choose to be in a delusion. A place where things may or may not be real, a place of total sanity and confusion at the same time, and a place where I can express my worries or experiences and turn them into something kind of beautiful.

I also deal with life in other forms of art as well. Piano, yoga, singing, drawing, volleyball, and video games just to name a few. I used to blog all the time as a kid and slowly went away from it, so I’m excited to come back to it and share my thoughts with everyone. This is one of the many purple ways I live my life.

Aside from The Matrix version of the red and blue pill choices, I’ve heard this philosophy used in other versions too.

The red pill is the selfish lifestyle. This is the person who will step on everyone else to get what they want. The person who only cares about money, or just blows it all because “YOLO!”, and self satisfaction. The person that will lie and manipulate in order to succeed. The problem with being a red pill is that it’s heartless. Cold. No one matters more than you do and you love yourself more than anyone else ever could. Or sometimes, you hate yourself so much that by being selfish you think you’ll fill a void of some sorts. Maybe you believe that you’re protecting yourself by opening yourself to everything. This goes back to the Matrix version of the red pill. You think by knowing everything that somehow it protects you.

Then there is the blue pill – the people pleaser. The person who constantly gets hurt because they’re always looking out for others. Basically looking out and trying to protect the red pill people. The person that would rather have other people happy over themselves or may even find happiness in other people being happy. The person who would rather see other people succeed in life. The problem with being a blue pill is that these people secretly sit back and wish they had what the red pill had. The success, the ability to shut off their emotions, and the choice to not care what others think. They live their life through others.

Again, I live the purple pill life. I love seeing people succeed, but I also want myself to succeed. I want all my hard work to be noticed and I want to win. Now, I’m not a sore loser. If someone else wins in a competition over me, I don’t pout like a baby. I’m happy for them. Did I want to win? Well… yeah, but that doesn’t mean the other person didn’t deserve it. There have been plenty of times where I’ve been selfless but I also know there have been plenty of times where I’ve been selfish as well. Living strictly red or strictly blue is sad. There is no real happiness in money and there is no real happiness in backing down so others can succeed while you’re doing nothing.

I truly believe that everyone should live more of a purple pill life. Taking and giving when appropriate. Helping to build each other up while collaborating with other people to help everyone succeed… yourself included. This world is so huge and everyone has their own story. Everyone has their own vision for things and to believe that you have to knock someone down to be “better” than them is… well, just sad.

Choose the purple pill. Be the purple pill. 

Dwelling Place of Light

“Dwelling Place of Light” 2015

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