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The Ungrateful Person

Image Title:"The Healing"

The Ungrateful Person

The ungrateful person. If there is one thing that truly upsets me more than anything, it would be ungrateful people. I personally have no clue how people can be so ungrateful for everything.
They’re happy one moment until they find out that they’re not getting something and then instantly they change. Having the privileged of working in food and bev, I’ve come
to know just how ungrateful people really are. You bend backwards for people you don’t know only to in the end have them complain over something you can’t control and
then blame you for it. Like under cooked food or how you only gave them 5 lemons and not 30.

Anyways, I bring this up because of something that happened the other day. My fiance and myself went into Barnes and Nobles for a hot chocolate. Yes, hot chocolate.
I hate coffee, but Starbucks has some ballin’ hot cholocate. It’s pretty amazing. As we walked up to the door, an older lady politely excused herself and asked if we had
$1.50 for the bus. My fiance pulls out his wallet and searches for change and I instantly tell her “I’m sorry, I actually don’t carry cash on me.” After he looked he said,
“Sorry, I only have 10 pennies.”

Let me just tell you guys, I don’t carry money on me anymore. Charleston is a dirty and dangerous place and I’d rather my card
get stolen and I can cancel that, rather than having all my money stolen. I say this because my fiance was mugged in front of our apartment a few years ago.
So, no, we don’t carry cash.

Instead of the lady saying “That’s okay. Thank you for taking time to look.”, she rolled her eyes and sucked on her teeth. I instantly got upset and went on a rant
probably longer than I should have and even still writing about it now because I think this is very important. You can’t just ask people for money and then when
they’re honest and say they don’t have money… you get mad and act rude towards them. I feel like it’s important to be kind, to be patient, and most importantly to
be understanding. I always try to understand a person before I say something. I always try to be grateful of everything, even if nothing good came out of it. Like
this story. She should of been thankful we looked. We could of told her to screw off and not hound people for money but we didn’t.

Why? Because we’re nice people.
We always try to help people out and then they act like turds when they don’t get what they want. You can’t beg and then get mad when you can’t choose. I’m
not sorry I don’t carry cash. I do hope she was able to take the bus to wherever she needed to go and I hope she got there safely. People always talk about how
people with more money or better this and that should be thankful and should treat the “less fortunate” with respect. I think everyone should do that regardless
of what your income and lifestyle is. If you’re dirt poor and ask for money for a bus, don’t get mad that they don’t have the money.

I remember when I was in college as a full-time student, had a full-time job, living on my own and paying all of my own bills. I was broke all the time. One time I
was getting paid in a few days and I had no money for gas to get home, work, home, and then back to school again. I went to a classmate and explained my
situation and asked if I could borrow $10 and I would give it back to her during out next class. I remember that day so clearly because it was the first time I
ever allowed myself to ask for help.

Before then, I refused to bother anyone with my issues. I’m currently writing a book that goes into a bit of detail about me
not asking for help and everything else. Well, she looked at me and straight up said no she didn’t have the money. I remember those words so much because I
instantly sank inside. How was I going to get home? How was I going to get to work or back to school? Instead of getting mad, I politely told her that it was
okay and not a big deal. I also explained that I never ask people for that kind of stuff so I didn’t mean to put her on the spot like that.

I cried. I seriously cried. Luckily I lived pretty close to my job so I was able to go to work on little gas, but I didn’t go to my class the next day. I didn’t have money
to go. It was a 20 minute drive there and I definitely didn’t have money for that stuff. Again, my book will explain why I didn’t go to my parents for money. It’s not
bad I promise. My parents and myself have always had a good and healthy relationship with each other, so nothing to do with that. Also, I don’t want this to seem
like I’m trying to build myself up as the perfect example of anything… I just think I’m a nice person and if there is anything I’m confident in, it’s me being nice. Too nice.

Moral of the story, be grateful for everything. Even if it’s not the answer you’re looking for. Be thankful for something else instead. Be thankful that you’re alive.
I have a friend who was on the heart transplant list for 6 years and a few weeks ago he was taking his last breath as a miracle donor appeared and now he is alive.
Be thankful for every little thing. I can’t stress how easy it can be to lose everything in a heartbeat. Nothing is permanent and nothing will last forever. Remove the
junk in your life, don’t hold on to hurtful feelings, and live life. Have fun and follow your dreams. Nothing will be easy, but nothing that is worth it… is easy to obtain.

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  • Heather
    Posted at 20:48h, 17 April

    Wow…your post and images are so moving. I know where to look when I need a Charleston conceptual photographer .